Our technology

A sustainable alternative for wood manufacturing.
Our technology

Materials & finishes

_Our materials

Forust offers unprecedented design flexibility. From exotic grain structures to grainless wood, the Forust process can digitally reproduce nearly any wood type.

Material performance


Forustwood is a composite of wood particles encased in a bio-epoxy resin, with strength similar to wood. It can be readily worked, fastened and finished with conventional wood finishing methods.

[Material composition]

Recycled sawdust and bio-epoxy resin composite

[Flexural strength]

90 MPa

[Flexural modulus]

2.3 GPa


0.60 - 1.2 g/cm^3

Manufacturing throughput

Make sustainable wood products in volume

_Produce and shop

Shop Forust products, order quantities of custom designs, or scale-up manufacturing in-house with the purchase of a wood-configured Shop System or RAM 336 printer.