Forust is building a greener future through 3D printed wood.

_Wood waste, reimagined.
forust story

Rematerializing wood waste to produce beautiful end-use products

_Forust process

The Forust process combines two wood industry byproducts - sawdust and lignin - to produce isotropic, high-strength, sustainable wood parts.

Make sustainable wood products in volume

_Produce and shop

Shop Forust products, order quantities of custom designs, or scale-up manufacturing in-house with the purchase of a Shop System™ Forust Edition.

The on demand 3D printing of wood using waste natural materials is a gamechanger. By allowing millions of trees to remain in place in their forests, Forust is launching a highly evolved technology for the circular technosphere. We have only begun to explore its beneficial potentials, but it is clear they are immense.

William McDonough
[Architect, Author of Cradle to Cradle]